Mylayne Pavillion

Wheeler Kearns Architects

Photographer Jean-Luc Mylayne had a vision of a chapel-like space devoted to a single image, expressing the presence of his beloved birds in the environment of the city.  Originally envisioned in 1987, the piece connected two exhibitions of his work at the Arts Club of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Located within the Lurie Gardens at Millenium Park, Wheeler Kearns Architects were commissioned to deliver a building which was tranquil, elegant and effortles to host the art, and just one or two observers.  Lux Populi delivered a concealed lighting scheme that was at once technically elegant (less than 10% brightness variation over the piece) and rapidly buildable.  Innovative mounting techniques were used, and the final result is a space that appeared (even to the eye) almost rendering-like in its soft perfection.

Photography – Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago