Hyatt Regency DF

George Wong Design
Mexico City

Even prior to finalizing the acquisition of the former Nikko Mexico City, Hyatt Corporation reached out to Lux Populi to investigate a collaboration on the lighting design.  From the first it was clear that the building required a modernization of lighting systems, from the fixtures back to the electrical supply.  More importantly, it needed a new elegance and language, something timeless to express Hyatt’s brand in its Mexico showcase.  Collaborating with George Wong Design on the interior design and Parque Humano on architecture, Lux Populi delivered a phased scheme of bars, restaurants, social spaces, circulation and core hotel functions which stands out for its elegance and sophistication in the Zona Hotelera of Mexico City.

Although budget, timing and technical challenges create constraints, the scheme is future proofed, with technologies selected for ongoing upgrading and ever-increasing sophistication.  Since reopening, the public areas and facilities have seen a huge surge in guest numbers and revenue – a new destination in Mexico City.