Abbot Kinney

Dennis Gibbens Architects
Los Angeles

Completed for an architect we’ve worked with numerous projects, this residence with retail and office space formed a particular challenge – it’s the architect’s own residence. Dennis Gibbens developed the project as his own residence and office while catering to the vibrant street life of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California with a chic retail space.

Utilizing highly discrete lighting to create soft illumination of surfaces and visual events, the design entirely does without downlighting utilizing recessed lighting only for accent and wall washing.

The space transmits light from the roof down through sequences of skylights, apertures and in one spectacular case, a glass floor, giving a narrow footprint a light bright airy feel.

The project was completed utilizing high efficiency IR coated tungsten halogen lamps, seamless line fluorescents, cold cathode and LED’s.