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who we are

Lux Populi is a first-principles lighting design team, collaborating with creative practices from around the world to develop custom crafted projects.  As we grow, we’re excited to be forming a new team bridging Oxford and London to create unique solutions for projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Our Mexico City office of seventeen staff, informed by architecture, joy, identity, behaviour, context and function, have over eleven years created designs that use lighting as a tool crafted to deliver carefully tailored responses to our clients’ individual needs.

Founded in design theory, our work, often at great distances from our projects, have demanded excellent communication skills, a disciplined rigor of design and documentation necessary to permit a construction team to successfully deliver projects.  We build ongoing relationships with our collaborators and clients, this is the outcome of consistent commitment to success, but also an enjoyable project experience.

Lux Populi consists of a team of lighting designers trained from backgrounds in architecture, engineering, interior design, industrial design and indeed, lighting.  As an incubator for talent, the team involves people throughout the experience spectrum to bring energy, focus, dedication, craft and insight to each and every project. Staff within the company all gain first-hand experience in design and can expect to work on a whole range of projects from conception to final commissioning.

who you are

You bring an appetite to learn and the confidence to be challenged, together with a deep interest in design.  This will enable you to thrive in our studio.  A project team at Lux Populi is something that one day you are leading, the next you’re following.  You bring first self-awareness and awareness of those around you.  You are always learning, teaching and sharing.

Collaboration and team work is important to you as a member of our diverse team, designing an equally diverse range of projects from hotels & hospitality, museums & galleries, retail, theatre, urban realm, commercial, casinos and any other built environment where lighting can play an important role in its success.

us- creating a new practice

Our culture of continuous learning, training, development and leadership defines the quality of our results. We’re growing a UK team with a view to a new European interpretation of all that is great about our Mexico City team.  We have come together through common purpose, influenced by the people who have worked with us over the years, the people who collaborate in our team now, and those we have yet to meet, all will steer the team to the future, and evolve our identity.

We are prepared to invest in the right people, to create and grow a fantastic team on a level with our Mexico City home team.  We will be iterating on our existing processes, have continuous exchange with our Mexican colleagues, while building and growing our team and localizing our culture.

Remuneration, conditions and lifestyle are negotiable.


If applying to the Oxford office please contact :

Bob Bohannon
Phone: 0207 193 8756 (9am to 6pm GMT)

If applying to the Mexico City office please contact :

Sandra Basilio
Phone: 0207 193 0471 (9am to 6pm CST)